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St Marys Auto Repairs have over 28 years experience in mechanical repairs and servicing and our customers love the work we do for them. They also trust us to offer consistent and fair pricing. Finding a good reliable mechanic that is near to where you live or work can be hard. Sometimes you have to travel a bit further to get the service you need, we’re an Auto Service worth travelling for!

We are car enthusiasts and we love what we do. This reflects in the service we offer our clients. This is why some of our customers are prepared to travel a bit further for us to keep their vehicle in top working condition.

In addition to expert mechanical work we offer a wide range of custom services such as Classic Car Restorations and Conversions.

For the auto enthusiast who needs help, check out our classic car restorations or our Conversions. Got a good idea, or special project? Give us a call today on 8276 6975.

Find the Best Resource in St Mary’s for Auto Repair

Which option in St Mary’s for auto repair is the right one for you? When our vehicles break down or stop working correctly, it’s an instant source of stress. Not only do we have concerns about getting around for errands and commuting to work, but the cost of the repair is often a big worry for the average driver. That’s why sometimes it can make sense to expand your search to include auto repair shops a bit further away than you might normally consider. At St Mary’s Auto Repair, we’re proud to say that we have numerous repeat customers who travel out of their way to visit us. Why? We provide effective repairs, friendly service, and the convenience that our customers require. Take a moment to consider why our shop might be the resource you need to get your car safely back on the road with as little hassle as possible.

What Sets St Mary’s Auto Repairs Apart Among Car Repair Shops?

Over our years in business, we’ve put a special focus on standing out in terms of quality of service and customer experience. What makes us a reliable option?

  • We are RAA and MTA approved. Alongside these qualifications, we are also proud holders of the Female Friendly Accreditation, showcasing our capability to offer superb service to all our clients.
  • We have more than 28 years of experience providing repairs, giving us an incredible array of skills and a deep understanding of the different makes and models on the market.
  • We maintain fair, honest, and consistent prices for our customers.

Services Related to Car Repairs We Offer in Adelaide

While we come to work every day ready to provide quick and quality repairs for our customers, we offer a more comprehensive range of automotive services. These include:

  • Classic car restoration. We love project cars, and we’re always excited to offer input and insight into how best to proceed on working on your passion project.
  • Right-hand drive conversions. Have an overseas vehicle that you’d love to drive in Australia, but need the steering wheel put in the correct spot? We can help.
  • Performance upgrades. Do you want to unleash the full potential of your vehicle and enjoy the most power possible on the road? Ask about how we can fine-tune your engine.

What You Stand to Gain by Choosing St Mary’s Auto Repairs

When you select an auto repair provider that you can trust, such as our team, you can set aside your stress about a fix for your car. We thoroughly investigate all issues and provide you with options on how to proceed. While some major maintenance tasks will always come at a higher price tag, we strive to offer the most cost-competitive service possible. Backed up by our commitment to a positive customer experience, St Mary’s Auto Repairs offers a different way to think about your repair needs. Call us today to find out more about how we can help.

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