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Adelaide Auto Mechanics

RAA & MTA Approved Mechanics

Finding a good reliable mechanic that is near to where you live or work can be hard. Sometimes you have to travel a bit further to get the service you need. St Marys Auto Repairs have over 28 years experience in mechanical repairs and servicing and our customers love the work we do for them. They also trust us to offer consistent and fair pricing.

Auto Servicing Worth Traveling For

We are car enthusiasts and we love what we do. This reflects in the service we offer our clients. This is why some of our customers are prepared to travel a bit further for us to keep their vehicle in top working condition.

Custom Services

In addition to expert mechanical work we offer a wide range of custom services.

Classic Car Restorations and Conversions

For the auto enthusiast who needs help, check out our classic car restorations or our Conversions. Got a good idea, or special project? Give us a call today on 8276 6975 or 0407 419 918.

Finding the Right Mechanic in Adelaide for Your Car

Has the time come to find a new mechanic near Adelaide? Whether your vehicles’ engine has begun to make a strange and unsettling noise, or it’s simply time for an oil change and tune-up, a good service provider makes a big difference in your experience. Everyone needs to maintain their vehicles to stay safe on the road, but the quality of service you receive can vary widely from mechanic to mechanic. It’s common to find people with serious reservations about taking the car in to the shop because of prior bad experiences.

At St Mary’s Auto Repairs, we’ve set a high bar for ourselves that we continually strive to raise even higher. By putting customer experiences and quality, honest repairs first, we’ve developed a reputation that attracts drivers willing to travel for better service. See why your choice matters, then consider why our shop is the right choice.

The Importance of Your Mechanic in St Mary’s

Your choice of service provider matters for many reasons, and not just because you need to find someone who knows how to repair your car. There are a few reasons to connect with a mechanic you can trust over the long term.

  • Know that you’re receiving a fair price on the repair. Dishonest prices are always a concern, but developing a good relationship with a trustworthy mechanic can put those concerns to rest.
  • Receiving service from the same mechanic creates continuity. In other words, a mechanic who remembers the issues you’ve had with your vehicle before may be able to better diagnose future concerns.
  • Periodic servicing from a mechanic that offers convenient service simplifies critical maintenance and keeps your car on the road for longer.

What to Expect from Us As Your St Mary’s Mechanic

When you bring your vehicle to our shop, we want you to feel that you’ve made the right choice. Your car is in good hands here. When you use us for service or repairs, here’s what you can anticipate:

  • A “can-do” attitude. If something on your vehicle can break, we’ll work to fix it — from the smallest components to the most major elements of the engine block. We diagnose issues quickly and provide flexible options for making repairs. As RAA approved mechanics, you can trust in our outcomes too.
  • A passion for cars. We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t love cars. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own, providing the same service we’d do for our own families.
  • Extensive services beyond elementary repairs, including right-hand drive conversions for imports and support for classic car restoration projects.

About St Mary’s Auto Repairs

In business for nearly three decades, St Mary’s Auto Repairs has developed a distinguished reputation for service and honest repair work. With extensive capabilities beyond basic repairs and logbook servicing, we’re a competent partner for the enthusiast with a project car or a classic set of wheels to maintain. Book an appointment with us today and let us know how we can help.

Auto Mechanic Services


St Marys Auto Repairs have been servicing all types of cars and other vehicles for over 28 years.


We repair all makes and models and all ages of vehicle.

Performance Upgrades

At St Mary’s Auto we can unshackle your beast with a performance upgrade. Do you want to unlock the true potential of your vehicle?

Conversions & Restorations

Maybe you need to restore an old bomb or perhaps you need your precious beast to purr like the old days, either way our restoration service is unparalleled.

Ford Ignition/Column Repair

We have been repairing these for some time now and we are happy to report a 100% success rate, so we also offer a 12 month guarantee for the work.

Why Choose St Marys Auto Repairs?

Highly Experienced Mechanics


Quality Parts & Materials


RAA & MTA Approved


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“Great service! ”

Great service! Accommodating and flexible with availability, and comprehensive with explaining technical details in simple ways. I will definitely be returning for further work in the future.

Marcus Roberts

“My little echo is in much better shape!”

I been burned before from other dodgy garages but not these guys. They are upfront and woman friendly. My little echo is in much better shape!

Christine Weir

“The guys at St Mary’s Auto Repairs are GREAT! ”

The guys at St Mary’s Auto Repairs are GREAT! They don’t “fix” what isn’t broken and always call if they find any surprises, so the bill is never a shock. We be a returning satisfied customer.

Leah Hill

“Decent, reasonable, skilled, polite and go the extra mile.”

Been taking my car here for service and repairs for 12 years. Decent, reasonable, skilled, polite and go the extra mile. And they don’t treat females like morons!

Anne Turner

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