Its getting harder and harder to find road worthy classic cars. The enthusiast is forced to buy less than ideal vehicles or even salvage components to assemble their masterpiece. While the hobbyist can enjoy the rewarding work of home ground-up restorations sometimes you just need a professional touch. Maybe you need to restore an old bomb or perhaps you need your precious beast to purr like the old days, either way our restoration service is unparalleled.

You can trust us with your precious classic because we share your passion.

Restoration services we offer:

  • Ground-up restorations
  • Any make or model
  • Engine restorations
  • Painting and rust repairs
  • Interiors

We Provide Car Restoration Services

Whether you are a collector who imports old cars or someone who has always owned a classic vehicle, you require professional hands to help with your car restoration. The team at St Mary’s Auto Repairs has the passion and skills to help transform your car into a collector’s item.

What You Should Know About Classic Car Restoration

Restoring a car is a magnificent way to resurrect a piece of automotive history. It’s an exciting project, especially if you’ve found a rare model that was once the centre of attention. The challenge of transforming it into a showstopper is appealing for enthusiasts. However, there are a few factors that you should consider when embarking on a project of this nature:

  • It’s up to you to decide which level of restoration you prefer. Driver restoration is the basic level, which requires the car to be operational with some cosmetic touches. Street show restoration demands a repair of both major and minor visual issues. If you plan on placing your car in a collection, then the concourse level is for you, as the car isn’t intended for everyday road use.
  • Consider updating the safety equipment in the vehicle. Often, older cars don’t include features such as airbags and safety belts. You should consider adding them so that safety is less of an issue if there is an accident. You can also pull the car into this century by adding Bluetooth entertainment features or parking sensors.
  • You shouldn’t restore every vehicle with profit in mind. There are TV shows and websites that claim you can make thousands of dollars by restoring a classic car. However, a car must be extremely rare for collectors to consider purchasing it. When you factor in your investment and repairs, selling it for a massive profit is not always realistic.

What to Expect from St Mary’s Auto Repairs Regarding a Classic Restoration

We are car enthusiasts who love taking on restoration challenges. Our mechanics treat every car with the same love and attention. We find the repair experience to be personally rewarding, especially when we see the satisfaction on the faces of our customers.

  • We have the skills and knowledge to handle your classic car restoration. Our team takes care of ground-up restorations, engine restorations, paint and rust repairs, and interior restorations of any make or model.
  • If you’ve imported a car and would prefer to drive it here in Australia, we can convert both new and used cars to comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards. This process includes finding factory replacement parts, right hand drive conversion, and following the Vehicle Safety Act.
  • We are RAA- and MTA-approved mechanics. The quality of our work is of the highest possible standard regardless of the type of service that you need.

About St Mary’s Auto Repairs

As we close in on 30 years in the industry, we can look back at the strong reputation that we’ve built. Car owners visit us from afar because they trust our workmanship and our fair, consistent pricing.

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