Offering left-hand to right-hand drive conversions for imported vehicles. We can convert new or used vehicles to comply with The Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards, guaranteed to make registration nation wide.

Conversion services we offer:

  • Right Hand Drive conversion
  • Following the Vehicle Safety act standard
  • Factory replacement parts
  • ADR compliance

Drive the Car You Want with Crossover Car Conversions

Have you considered the need for crossover car conversions before you commit to importing a vehicle from overseas? Sometimes, you can’t find exactly what you want available on the Australian market. With many exciting auto options available in other countries worldwide, sometimes it makes good sense to bring in one from somewhere else. However, there’s often one wrinkle in that proposal: the car is configured for left-hand driving rather than Australia’s right-hand drive. With the appropriate professional resource, however, you can make a smart investment by making your dream car fully compatible with our road systems.

At St Mary’s Auto Repairs, right-hand drive conversion projects are one of our key strengths beyond the traditional realm of service work. With 28 years’ worth of accumulated skills and experience, plus a passion for unique crossover car projects, we offer an ideal resource to relocate your car’s steering column to the right position.

The Benefits of Right Hand Drive Conversion from St Mary’s Auto Repairs

Why invest in this service in the first place? A quick look at the advantages of making the switch make it easier to see how we offer a valuable service:

  • Our efforts make it simple to bring your vehicle into compliance with local regulations regarding LHD. In SA, vehicles must feature RHD, and you must apply for special permission for one-way LHD trips.
  • Our conversions make it possible for you to choose the best-suited vehicle for your needs, whether for working, commuting, or transporting the family.
  • A good service provider lets you trust in the quality of the work performed, so you can drive with confidence and maintain the car more easily.

What Sets St Mary’s Auto Repairs Apart Regarding Classic Car Conversions?

What do we bring to the table for our clients who want to change the steering configuration of their vehicle? With so much experience, we’re able to provide a range of key benefits:

  • We provide realistic timetables for completing our projects while still working quickly to reduce the amount of time you are without your vehicle.
  • We use only the highest quality components when making the conversion from LHD to RHD, providing for safer results that work more effectively.
  • Our results speak for themselves. By the time we’re finished, it will be difficult to tell that the car was ever anything other than configured for right-hand drive. Ask to see some examples of our previous work on modern and classic car models.

What You Stand to Gain by Choosing St Mary’s Auto Repairs

When faced with a project as massive as a right-hand drive switch, choosing the most experienced team possible only makes sense. With St Mary’s Auto Repair, you can hand over your car with confidence in the quality of the finished work. Using factory-standard parts, best practices, and our attention to detail, we furnish our clients with robust work on classic cars and import car steering conversions. To learn more about these services, call us today.

Give your car the star treatment and get it serviced at St Marys Auto Repairs.

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