Ford Falcon and Territory ignition switch repair

A common problem found in late model (BA-BF) Ford Falcon and Territory ignition switch, is one that causes the ignition key not returning to its correct position after starting. This can cause cutting out or repetitive starts to be required. Also various accessories not to work, power windows, radio, wipers, speedo etc

The most common solution to this problem is to have the entire column replaced by a Ford dealer, which can cost upwards of $1100, or a second-hand one is fitted for a cost of about $600. St Marys Auto is able to repair this problem without fitting a whole new column, and we are able to do this for $450, less if the column has already been removed from the vehicle.

We have been repairing these for some time now and we are happy to report a 100% success rate, so we also offer a 12 month guarantee for the work.

If you need to discuss a fault, please call or email us to discuss the best option available for you and your Ford vehicle.